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Real Estate App Development Services

TechnBrains provides exceptional real estate app development services that seamlessly connect sellers, buyers, and agents via mobile devices.

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Real Estate Mobile App
Real Estate Mobile App

TechnBrains provides exceptional real estate app development services that seamlessly connect sellers, buyers, and agents via mobile devices.

Real Estate Web App
Real Estate Web App

As a leading real estate app development company, we provide effective solutions that enhance the digital presence of real estate businesses. Our mobile apps have dynamic product displays with AI-powered product suggestions and other features.

Online Property Booking
Online Property Booking

Our team of real estate app developers creates solutions to book properties, including resorts, hotels, and rental apartments, with media content integration and multiple payment options.

Business Solution
Business Solution

Our company develops enterprise and real estate apps to streamline business processes and analyze marketing impact on customers and dealers.

Property Managing Applications
Property Managing Applications

Our company specializes in creating mobile applications for real estate management. Our apps are designed to make the entire property management process smoother and more efficient, reducing errors and simplifying tasks for both individual homeowners and property management firms. With our app, managing multiple tasks simultaneously becomes much easier.

Lead Handling Solutions
Lead Handling Solutions

We provide solutions for realtors to manage property queries from referrals, websites, and social media by collecting, assigning, and tracking leads in an organized database.

Real Estate Corporate App
Real Estate Corporate App

Our mobile app development for real estate startups provides a platform for direct collaboration between buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for agents or brokers.

Property/Real Estate Management System
Property/Real Estate Management System

Our state-of-the-art real estate management system enables you to manage all aspects of your property. It functions as a dedicated B2C web portal with search filters, including location, purpose, market rate, size, and type.

Solutions for Smart Homes
Solutions for Smart Homes

With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), you can control various functions of your home through your smartphone. By integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into real estate mobile applications, users can take a 3D virtual tour of the property.

ERP/CRM Software
ERP/CRM Software

We develop ERP solutions for property managers and real estate business owners to plan and manage their data and resources efficiently.

Navigate Realty Innovations

Advanced Search Functionality & Features


Features of Real Estate App

Advanced Search Functionality & Features: Enhance property search with our cutting-edge functionality.Refine options based on city, property type, prices, and more, delivered by experts in real estate app development.


Multiple Payment Options

Efficiently run your real estate business with secure payment gateways. Your data privacy matters, and our numerous payment options ensure a seamless experience for buyers and sellers.


AR/VR Modeling

Immerse clients in property exploration with our AR/VR modeling feature. Elevate your real estate app with 360-degree property views for a truly immersive experience.


Live Maps

Ensure clients find locations effortlessly with our live maps. Your real estate app will guide them precisely to their desired destinations.


Notifications Integration

Keep users informed with instant notifications for new listings. Our notification system ensures that users take advantage of exciting opportunities in your real estate mobile app development.


Master Admin Panel

Take control of your real estate business with our comprehensive admin panel. From performance reports to payment details, our master admin panel provides complete visibility and control.


Customer Analytics

Boost your business with real-time data on user behavior. Track property views and preferences for insightful analytics, an essential feature in modern real estate application development.


Image/Video Recognition

Transform your real estate app with image and video recognition. Users can scan and explore properties in real time, making your app more effective and user-friendly.

Explore Property Possibilities

Types of Real Estate Apps

  • Real Estate Listing App
  • Real Estate AR/VR Modeling App
  • Real Estate Investment App
Real Estate Listing App

Empower your real estate venture with cutting-edge solutions from TechnBrains, a leading real estate app development company.

● Interactive Property Catalog

Engage users with an intuitive and visually appealing property catalog, providing seamless navigation and detailed property insights.

● Advanced Search Filters

Facilitate precise property searches based on location, amenities, and preferences, enhancing the user experience.

● Instant Notifications

Keep users informed about new listings, price changes, or relevant updates through real-time push notifications.

● Virtual Tours

Elevate property exploration with virtual tours, allowing users to experience homes remotely.

Real Estate AR/VR Modeling App

Our expertise in real estate mobile app development ensures tailored applications that redefine the industry.

● Investment Portfolio Management:

Provide users with a comprehensive dashboard to track and manage their real estate investments effortlessly.

● Market Analytics:

Integrate powerful analytics tools to offer insights into market trends, enabling informed investment decisions.

● ROI Calculator:

Implement a robust ROI calculator, allowing users to assess potential returns on their real estate investments.

● Secure Transactions:

Ensure secure financial transactions and documentation processes within the app for a seamless investment experience.

Real Estate Investment App

Explore the future of real estate with TechnBrain's exceptional real estate application development services.

● Augmented Property Viewing

Transform property viewing with AR, allowing users to visualize and interact with virtual elements within the real-world environment.

● Virtual Furniture Placement

Enable users to virtually stage properties by placing and arranging furniture, enhancing the visualization experience.

● AR Property Information Overlay

Provide real-time property details through AR overlays, creating an immersive and informative experience.

● VR Property Walkthroughs

Elevate property exploration with VR modeling, offering virtual walkthroughs for a realistic and immersive experience.


Technical Stack for Real Estate App Development

  • Java or Kotlin
  • Swift or Objective C
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • CoreData & Realm frameworks
  • Amazon S3
  • Elasticsearch
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • React JS/Native
  • NodeJS
  • WebRTC
  • Google Map API
  • Zillow API
  • Mortgage Payments API
  • Points of Interest API, Yelp Fusion, Community API, School Digger API, Rets.ly, SimplyRETS

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Create Feature-Rich Real Estate App

Real Estate App Development Process


Strategic Planning

Initiate the journey with a strategic planning session. Collaborate with our experienced real estate app developers to define goals, features, and a roadmap for your custom app.


Design and Prototyping

Craft an engaging and user-friendly design with our expert team in real estate mobile app development. Prototypes ensure a visual representation aligning with your vision.


Development and Integration

Code the foundation of your real estate app with our skilled developers. Integrate features seamlessly for optimal performance, leveraging our real estate app development solutions.


Quality Assurance

Rigorously test every aspect of your app. Our quality assurance team ensures a bug-free and secure experience, reflecting our commitment to top-notch real estate application development.


Customization and Optimization

Tailor your app to perfection. Our team excels in real estate mobile application development, implementing data-driven changes swiftly for personalized solutions.


Collecting Project Requirements

Embark on the journey with TechnBrains as we conduct an in-depth consultation to gather vital project requirements. Our Flutter development team, armed with expertise in flutter app development, delves into understanding your business, goals, products, and competition. This phase lays the foundation for a tailored development roadmap.


Planning for Flutter App Development

Following meticulous requirements gathering, our developers dive into conceptualizing your Flutter application aligned with your vision. Crafting a detailed blueprint, we define functionality, design, and the optimal technology stack. Continuous communication ensures a seamless process, with client feedback shaping the project throughout.


Agile Process of Developing Flutter Apps

Securing client approval for proposed features, our development phase kicks off dynamically. Focused on building the app's architecture and fundamental features, our flutter development company seeks regular client feedback, incorporating suggestions to ensure a collaborative and successful development journey.


Rigorous Testing in the Flutter App Development Cycle

Integral to our approach is thorough testing at every stage of development. Our developers rigorously test the application to guarantee seamless functionality. Collaborating closely with quality assurance engineers, we ensure the app meets the highest standards in Flutter app development services.


Launch and Support for Flutter Mobile App

As the Flutter app meets all criteria, it's ready for deployment. The client launches the application, and our flutter development company stands ready, providing active post-launch support and maintenance services. We commit to a smooth post-deployment experience, ensuring your app's continued success.

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Key Features and Functionalities in a Real Estate App

  • Key Features and Functionalities in a Real Estate App

  • App integrations that we can provide

  • Ensuring the Security and Privacy of User Data

  • Technologies and Frameworks for Real Estate App Development

  • Incorporating AR and VR experience in Real Estate App Development

  • Ensuring App Compatibility with Different Platforms and Devices

Kickstart your real estate app needs with our all-inclusive real estate app development solutions tailored for success. As a leading real estate mobile app development company, we prioritize features that redefine user experience and drive engagement.

1. Intuitive Property Search: Our real estate mobile app development services prioritize a user- friendly interface for seamless property exploration. Advanced search filters and intuitive navigation enhance the house-hunting experience.

2. Virtual Tours and 3D Views: Elevate property visualization with immersive virtual tours and 3D views. Potential buyers can experience properties remotely, enhancing their understanding and connection with listings.

3. Map Integration: Seamlessly integrate map features to provide users with a geographical perspective of property locations. Our real estate app developers optimize map functionalities for a more informed decision-making process.

4. Property Listings and Details: Showcase properties with captivating visuals and detailed descriptions. Our real estate application development ensures that each listing presents essential information to captivate potential buyers.

5. User Accounts and Personalization: Implement user accounts for personalized experiences. Save favorite listings, receive tailored recommendations, and streamline communication between buyers, sellers, and agents.

6. In-App Messaging and Notifications: Facilitate real-time communication with in-app messaging and push notifications. Keep users updated on new listings, price changes, or messages from interested parties.

7. Mortgage Calculators: Empower users to make informed decisions with integrated mortgage calculators. Provide instant insights into potential financing options, contributing to a smoother purchasing process.

8. Document Management: Simplify transactions with document management features. Our real estate app development services ensure secure document uploads, e-signatures, and organized record-keeping.

9. Property Analytics: Equip sellers and agents with insightful analytics. Track property views, user interactions, and market trends to refine marketing strategies and optimize listings.

10. Augmented Reality (AR) Features: Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology. Integrate AR features for virtual staging, allowing users to visualize furniture and design possibilities within properties.

Client's Testimonials

We did it for them. We can do it for you. Do not just take our word for it, look at what our premium clientele has to say about us:


Sabrina Nawalrai Scott


Technbrains delivered the project on time and consistently provided us with updates and feedback. Their transparency throughout the process allowed us to trust and rely on their work.


Adam Zwingler


The agency has grown by more than 40% in the past six months thanks to Technbrains' (formerly KoderLabs LLC) technical expertise. Their team excels at keeping projects well-organized, which helps development progress efficiently.


Mindi Boysen


Thanks to Technbrain's development prowess. The team has gone the extra mile to exceed the needs and requirements of the internal team.


Chris Degenaars


Conscious of internal bandwidth, Technbrains (formerly KoderLabs LLC) excels at working independently and offering suggestions proactively. The solution outperformed expectations significantly upon launch, speaking to the team's ability to meet challenges.


Tom Fuller


I wanted something unique and exceptional, thanks to the experts at Technbrains.


Ashleys Founder


As a marketing specialist, it took a lot of work to find a company that promised me results that, too, under my budget.

Things you might want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! TechnBrains specializes in creating robust and seamless real estate mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a broad reach for your business.

Building a real estate app with TechnBrains brings numerous advantages, including heightened market visibility, increased customer engagement, efficient property management, and an elevated user experience through our tailored real estate app development solutions.

The timeline for your mobile app development for real estate varies based on project complexity. We provide personalized estimates, factoring in your specific needs and goals in real estate mobile application development.

Transparent communication is our priority. TechnBrains ensures consistent updates through channels like email, regular meetings, and project management tools, fostering a collaborative environment with our dedicated real estate app developers.

Various factors influence the cost of creating your real estate app. Request a quote from TechnBrains to receive a detailed estimate, reflecting our commitment to delivering cost-effective real estate app development services tailored to your project.

Opt for TechnBrains because we are more than a real estate app development company – we are a trusted partner with a proven track record. Our focus on innovation, quality, and user-centric solutions ensures your real estate app stands out and excels in the market.