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We have top-tier APIs and third-party integrations for a world-class retail mobile app. Our developers implement cross-platform tools, ensuring seamless functionality across diverse devices and platforms.

Marketplace Solutions
Marketplace Solutions

Craft a dynamic marketplace for numerous sellers to showcase and sell products. Rely on our global expertise to integrate diverse payment options and shopping carts, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Product Personalization
Product Personalization

Enhance customer experience through rapid, data-driven personalization within 48 hours. Our retail service development team tailors solutions aligning with distinct customer personas for swift, impactful changes.

Vendor Management System
Vendor Management System

Gain control over vendor relationships, whether cloud-based or locally hosted. Streamline contract negotiations, mitigate risks, and ensure secure service delivery through our effective vendor management solutions.

eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Solutions

Elevate your business with B2B, B2C, and P2P eCommerce solutions. Benefit from our developers' expertise, drawn from collaborations with globally recognized eCommerce brands.

VR Shopping
VR Shopping

Infuse extra personalization into the customer journey with VR shopping experiences. Our developers, sourced from a renowned talent management platform, create solutions allowing customers to virtually experience products.

Optimization Services
Optimization Services

Outpace competitors by optimizing the retail software development process. Capitalize on recommended social media marketing strategies to bolster online presence and engagement.

CRM Solutions
CRM Solutions

Expand your customer base globally while staying true to your brand's values. Develop CRM solutions analyzing, prescribing, and predicting actionable intelligence on consumer and market behavior.

mCommerce Solutions
mCommerce Solutions

Tap into the rising mobile shopper base with smartphone-centric products. Utilize our mobile retail app development services to create solutions for Android and iOS, enhancing the reach of your retail endeavors.

Next-Gen Advanced Retail Mobile App Features

Retail Mobile App Features for Customer Retention


Multiple Payment Options

Broaden your target audience with various payment modes, ensuring convenience and security for a seamless shopping experience.



Embrace user-friendly dashboards for real-time updates, monitoring comprehensive reports, and analytics, from sales increases to return statistics.


PHI Safeguards

Prioritize customer data protection with PHI safeguarding standards, ensuring the security of critical customer information throughout the retail journey.


Image/Video Recognition

Connect your brand to the digital world through easily discoverable products using image and video recognition services, enhancing brand visibility.


EHR/EMR Integration

Ensure a smooth customer journey across the retail continuum with seamless integration with your POS system, enhancing overall retail experiences.


Data Analytics

Utilize the power of data analytics for effective marketing, PR campaigns, risk mitigation, improved security, and increased brand awareness, gaining valuable insights.


Augmented Reality Shopping

Elevate the shopping experience with AR features, allowing customers to virtually try products before purchasing.


Smart Recommendations Engine

Implement cutting-edge algorithms for personalized product recommendations, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


Voice-Activated Shopping

Stay ahead with voice-activated commands for a hands-free and convenient shopping experience.


Contactless Outlays

Embrace the future of transactions with secure and seamless contactless payment options for swift and safe checkouts.


AI-Powered Customer Assistance

Provide next-level customer support through AI-driven chatbots, offering instant assistance and product information.


Biometric Security

Enhance security measures with biometric authentication, ensuring a secure and personalized user login experience.


Geo-Fencing Offers

Boost customer engagement with location-based promotions through geo-fencing, delivering targeted discounts when users are in proximity.

Tailored Retail Solutions.

Types Of Retail Mobility Apps We Can Create

We at TechnBrains, your healthcare app development company, provide custom solutions for patients' medical and administrative staff. Our app developers create feature-rich mobile medical apps to offer capabilities such as visit scheduling, patient examination, medication management, and more.

● Loyalty & Reward Apps

Give exclusive perks to your customers using our loyalty apps, tailored to keep them engaged and excited about their favorite brands with our expert retail app development services.

● eCommerce Apps

Enjoy effortless shopping with our user-friendly eCommerce apps, connecting you to a world of products and seamless transactions through our specialized mobile shopping app development.

● Retail Store Apps

Immerse yourself in personalized in-store experiences with our retail apps, offering promotions, easy checkout, and real-time inventory updates—a result of our custom retail app development.

● Retail Audit Apps

Simplify operations with retail audit apps, making store checks and inventory management a breeze for smarter retail, all part of our comprehensive retail application development.

● Omnichannel Apps

Seamlessly blend online and in-store experiences with our omnichannel apps, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable journey across all your shopping channels, a testament to our prowess in retail mobile app development.

● Merchandising Apps

Effortlessly discover new favorites with merchandising apps optimizing product displays and recommendations, making every shopping moment delightful, thanks to our expertise in retail app development company services.

● Supply Chain Apps

Stay in control of your supply chain with our apps, providing real-time tracking and efficient inventory management, creating a smoother experience.


Tech Stack For Custom Mobile Apps

Programming Languages
Cloud Storage
Web Servers
General Utilities
Payment Gateway
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Dropbox
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS
  • LiteSpeed
  • Optimizely
  • Twilio
  • Elasticsearch
  • Google Maps
  • Node Js
  • Express js
  • React Router
  • Next.js
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • Square

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Retail App Development Process


Dreams to Downloads:

Begin the journey with a deep dive into your retail aspirations. Our retail app development company collaborates with you to refine ideas and outline a comprehensive roadmap for your custom retail app.


Design and Planning

Our UI/UX developers craft a visually appealing and user-centric design tailored for both web and mobile platforms. Our designers infuse creativity into the retail mobile app development process, ensuring an engaging interface for seamless shopping experiences.


Retail App Development

Our developers leverage their expertise in mobile shopping app development to bring your app to life, ensuring cross-platform functionality and optimal performance.


Testing and Quality Assurance

At TechnBrains, testing is a non-negotiable step. Our quality assurance team meticulously examines every aspect of the retail application development, ensuring a bug-free, secure, and user-friendly experience for your customers.


Customization and Optimization

We tailor your retail app to perfection. Our team excels in custom retail app development, making data-driven changes within 48 hours for personalized solutions aligned with your brand and customer needs.


Retail App Premiere and Beyond

Launch your retail app into the digital market with confidence. Our support extends beyond launch day, providing ongoing maintenance and updates to keep your mobile retail app development ahead of the curve and your business thriving.

Next-Gen Advanced Retail Mobile App Features

Retail Mobile App Features for Customer Retention

  • Key Features and Functionalities in a Retail App

  • App integrations that we can provide

  • Ensuring the Security and Privacy of User Data

  • Technologies and Frameworks for Retail App Development

  • Incorporating AR and VR experience in Retail App development

  • Ensuring App Compatibility with Different Platforms and Devices

User-Friendly Interface

Designing an intuitive interface in Retail App Development is at the core of our retail app development services. We ensure seamless navigation, making it easy for users to explore and engage.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Embracing cross-platform development tools is fundamental to our approach in retail mobile app development. This ensures the app's functionality across various devices and platforms.

Secure Payment Options

As a trusted retail app development company, we integrate secure payment gateways, providing users with diverse and safe transaction options for a worry-free shopping experience.

Personalization Capabilities

Our commitment to custom retail app development is evident in the app's personalization features. Tailoring solutions within 48 hours, we enhance user experiences based on data-driven changes aligned with customer personas.

Real-time Inventory Updates

Implementing real-time inventory updates is a cornerstone of our retail application development strategy. This feature ensures customers access accurate information on product availability.

Seamless Integration with Marketplace

Crafting a diverse marketplace is a specialty in our retail app development services. We enable multiple sellers to showcase products, incorporating payment options and shopping carts for an enhanced shopping journey.

Vendor Management System

Streamlining vendor relationships is crucial in our approach to mobile retail app development. We deploy effective systems to negotiate contracts, reduce risks, and ensure safe service delivery.

E-commerce Solutions

Building B2B, B2C, and P2P solutions for e-commerce is a forte in our retail mobile apps portfolio. Drawing from experience with renowned brands, our developers elevate startups for sustained success.

VR Shopping Experience

Infusing an extra layer of personalization, our mobile retail app development includes VR shopping experiences. Customers can virtually experience products through our world-renowned talent management platform.

Social Media Marketing Integration

Capitalizing on social media marketing strategies is part of our optimization services in retail app development. We plug all holes in the software development process to boost online presence and engagement.

CRM Solutions

Expanding customer bases globally, our retail app development includes CRM solutions. These analyze, prescribe, and predict actionable intelligence on consumer and market behavior, ensuring brand consistency.

mCommerce Solutions

Addressing the rise of mobile shoppers, our mobile shopping app development services create products for smartphones. We offer solutions for both Android and iOS (iPhone), tapping into the increasing mobile commerce trend.

Client's Testimonials

We did it for them. We can do it for you. Do not just take our word for it, look at what our premium clientele has to say about us:


Sabrina Nawalrai Scott


Technbrains delivered the project on time and consistently provided us with updates and feedback. Their transparency throughout the process allowed us to trust and rely on their work.


Adam Zwingler


The agency has grown by more than 40% in the past six months thanks to Technbrains' (formerly KoderLabs LLC) technical expertise. Their team excels at keeping projects well-organized, which helps development progress efficiently.


Mindi Boysen


Thanks to Technbrain's development prowess. The team has gone the extra mile to exceed the needs and requirements of the internal team.


Chris Degenaars


Conscious of internal bandwidth, Technbrains (formerly KoderLabs LLC) excels at working independently and offering suggestions proactively. The solution outperformed expectations significantly upon launch, speaking to the team's ability to meet challenges.


Tom Fuller


I wanted something unique and exceptional, thanks to the experts at Technbrains.


Ashleys Founder


As a marketing specialist, it took a lot of work to find a company that promised me results that, too, under my budget.

Things you might want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

At TechnBrains, we provide flexible engagement models tailored to your needs in retail app development. Choose from options like dedicated teams, fixed-price projects, or hourly rates.

Crafting a successful retail app involves incorporating key features such as intuitive UI, secure payment options, and real-time inventory tracking. Our expertise in retail mobile apps ensures your app stands out in the competitive market.

The cost of developing a mobile retail app depends on various factors. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements for mobile shopping app development.

Our retail app developers offer end-to-end services covering custom retail app development, from conceptualization and design to coding, testing, and ongoing support. Explore a comprehensive range of retail app development services with TechnBrains

Security is paramount. TechnBrains employs robust measures in our retail application development process, implementing encryption, secure APIs, and industry best practices to safeguard your sensitive data.

Yes, we embrace the agile methodology in our retail app development company. This ensures flexibility, adaptability, and continuous collaboration, resulting in a dynamic and responsive development process.

Absolutely. Protecting your ideas and data is fundamental. We prioritize confidentiality and gladly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to secure your trust in our mobile retail app development expertise.