Project Overview

About Fixcarsharer

The "Fix Car Sharer" aims to develop a user-centric carpooling app that revolutionizes how people commute. This app is designed to provide a sustainable and convenient transportation solution, catering to users' preferences and needs while reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Business Problem

The primary business challenge for Fix Car Sharer is to rapidly attract and retain users and drivers, overcoming hurdles such as user adoption, driver recruitment, safety concerns, and competitive pressures. Ensuring regulatory compliance, promoting sustainability, and managing finances are critical for its success and growth in carpooling.


Users can set their carpooling preferences, including route, departure times, and fellow passengers, and the app matches them with compatible carpooling partners.


The app offers real-time tracking of carpooling partners' locations on a map, ensuring transparency and safety during the journey.


Users can seamlessly split the cost of fuel and maintenance with their carpooling partners through the app, simplifying financial transactions.

Problem defination


  • Challenge

    Convincing individuals to embrace carpooling as a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation.

  • Key Result

    A substantial increase in active users indicates successful adoption and retention strategies.


  • Challenge

    Attracting a diverse pool of drivers to provide ample carpooling options.

  • Key Result

    A diverse group of drivers from various backgrounds and demographics ensures a wide range of carpooling options.


  • Challenge

    Establishing trust among users regarding safety, preferences, reliability, and compatibility with carpooling partners.

  • Key Result

    Positive user ratings and reviews reflect a strong sense of trust and satisfaction.


  • Challenge

    Encouraging users to choose carpooling by introducing a modern feature.

  • Key Result

    Introduced a QR CODE Start feature to start the ride hassle-free and quickly.

user needs

Efficient Commuting

Users can easily find carpooling partners with similar preferences, saving time and reducing the hassle of commuting.

Cost Savings

Ride sharers successfully split expenses, significantly reducing their individual transportation costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Achieved by encouraging ride sharing and decreasing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road.

User Satisfaction

Users consistently report high satisfaction levels due to personalized preferences, safety features, and convenience.

Community Building

The platform has fostered a sense of community among ride sharers, promoting social interaction during commutes.

user interface

Offer a Ride

Take A Ride

Ride Summary

sub screens

Fix Car Sharer has achieved remarkable success with the assistance of TechnBrains by transforming the way people commute. With a growing user base, diverse pool of drivers, high trust levels, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions, the app has not only improved transportation but also contributed to a greener, more sustainable future

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