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The mobile app market is projected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. The revenue earned through mobile apps is expected to grow US$614.40bn by 2026. Undoubtedly, a business model integrated with a mobile app will take a long way. However, you may have a mind-blowing mobile app idea, but it would be in vain if you don’t have the resources and skills required to bring that idea to life. Since mobile app development is a technical process requiring people proficient with coding languages and system technicalities, you need to hire professionals with expertise.

However, you must consider a few factors before you hire a mobile app developer. Here is a complete list of all these factors:


You need to know what exactly you are expecting from a developer. Lay out a clear set of requirements. These requirements may include the time frame of the project, the target audience (android users or IOS users), tools you would want to incorporate into your application, and if you expect the developer to manage the design aspect of the software as well or just the coding part. Based on these criteria, you can pick the right developer for the job, which would help you come up with an appropriate budget.


You must know how much funds you can allocate to a developer. You cannot afford to spend more than a set budget on the developer because other aspects of software development, such as marketing, also require funds. Nonetheless, you must remember that app developers are often quite expensive because of their highly technical skillset and the intricate nature of the job. You need to make sure you have enough resources to afford them. Communicate your budget with the developer to ensure that both of you are on the same page. This communication would avoid any misunderstanding during the development process.


While an experienced developer may charge you a lot of money, you don’t want to hire someone who has no idea about certain languages and programming techniques. Training an inexperienced developer can be a time-consuming and cost-consuming process. So make sure the developers you choose to take on board know the tools, programming languages, and other technical aspects of developing an application.
It is also important for the developer to have experience working in your geographical location. Through their experience of working in the same country, they would have learned the norms and formalities of working there. They will understand your communication styles and cultural preferences and be aware of the security laws. Thus, such experienced developers would make the app development process easier for you.


The development process of software and tools used may vary for IOS and Android. The developer’s past experience should preferably be in your desired operating system or both operating systems. Moreover, going over past projects will help you understand the nature of the developer’s past work. The performance of the past apps can help you make a more informed decision about the developer’s skills and capabilities.


You may end up hiring an expert who has excellent programming skills. But if he is not able to communicate well, he won’t be able to perform well. Mobile app development is often very customized, depending upon the nature of the business model. The developer needs to have strong communication skills to ensure that the app he develops aligns with what you had in mind regarding your app. If your app idea is not practically possible or there is any issue, the developer needs to communicate that as well so that you can come up with practical solutions.

Developing software entails a lot of work, such as designing, testing, maintaining, etc. Accordingly, it is mostly done with a team of people. Thus, it is important to maintain good communication throughout the project with your teammates. For example, the customer experience team may report an issue faced by customers. The developer must communicate with the team to understand and fix the issue. If it’s an issue from the customers’ end, the developer will be required to communicate it with the customer experience team so that they can help the customers resolve it. In addition, software development often involves a team of coders working together on different parts of the system. Accordingly, communication skills must be considered before you hire a mobile app developer.


One of the initial steps towards bringing your business idea to life is to hire a mobile app developer. You would not want to take the risk of hiring the wrong person for the task. Instead, you need someone who can code, design, test, and maintain the app for you. Looking for a dedicated developer who matches your requirements would be best.

You can also consider hiring a mobile app development company instead of a developer. In most cases, mobile app development companies have more experience and commitment toward app development than any independent developer. Many software development companies also provide marketing, quality assurance, and app maintenance services. However, it is completely up to you: if you think an independent developer would be more feasible for you, you may hire a mobile app developer. Ensure you hire through a reliable source and consider all the factors mentioned earlier during the hiring process.

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