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  • October 31, 2022
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  • Samantha Jones

The top custom software development companies use the Agile method for software development. The agile method for software development can be described as the development process which is broken down into smaller, more specialized tasks. Experts are hired for each of these specialized tasks, and then each task is compiled together to make one high-performing, high-quality application.

Agile App Development Process

This is what the app development process may look like when you use agile development methodology:

1.      Investors Come-up with an App Concept

After brainstorming, investors may develop an idea for their app. Then they do their research. This includes the following:

After you have conducted your research, you must have a good enough idea of the following:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What are the gaps in the market?
  • How can my app address the gaps?
  • Why would people use my app?
  • What services will I provide?
  • How will I provide these services? And what trends and technology do I need to utilize in my app?
  • Challenges, risks, opportunities, and strengths of my plan?

2.      Plan is communicated to a Manager

Once you have a clear plan, you may hire managers that will monitor your project, hence, making sure the project requirements, budget, and timeline are being met. Managers would also ensure smooth communication among all those involved in the process.

3.      The Manager engages with a Development Team/ Scrum team

For custom software development, you will be required to hire a team of designers, programmers, and testers. Some development companies offer entire teams that include designers, coders, and testers, making the hiring and managing process much easier for you.

Based on the project requirements, app designers will develop a pragmatic app design. The next step would be coding. Once the codes are ready, they will be compiled, and the testers will test them. Throughout this process, there will be a lot of back-and-forth communication among the team members. Managers shall facilitate this communication, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays. The scrum master would also play a vital role by guiding the team, enabling them to face the challenges that come up.

4.      Scrum Master ensures there are not any Technical Difficulties

A scrum master makes sure that the technical methodologies are being followed. They look at how well the team is performing and how they are utilizing their skills to make the application. Scrum master needs to have technical expertise so that he is able to help out the team members whenever they may ask for it.

Benefits of Agile Development

Top custom software development companies use this method due to the reasons listed below:

1.      High Quality

Since tasks are divided into smaller specialized tasks, experts can utilize their skills on the specialized task. When each component of the application is made and tested separately by experts that specialize in it, your final product has a better quality.

2.      Better Communication

Diving the roles and clarifying the role of each team member makes communication better. Each member knows who needs to be approached for a given issue. Moreover, the availability of the scrum master and the manager further makes communication better.

3.      Transparency

Everyone involved in the development project is on the same page; they know what’s happening and what is supposed to happen next. The stakeholders can also get an update on the progress of the project easily.

4.      Greater Flexibility

The entire team of developers is present to offer their services to meet the needs of the stakeholders/clients. Consequently, if a businessman does not like any particular element in the application, they can communicate that to the manager. And then, the manager would tell the respective expert team member to change that element of the app, making the client feel more confident.

5.      Time-efficient

The agile app development approach is very time efficient because of the following reasons:

  • Tasks are divided into smaller, lesser time-consuming processes that shall be carried out by experts simultaneously. For example, front-end and back-end coders may work on the app development simultaneously, saving a lot of time.
  • Time is not wasted in communication because when there is a well-coordinated team in which each person knows their job, communication takes up lesser time, and as a result, there are no unnecessary delays in the app development project.

Agile Development Best Practices

You can further improve the app development process by adopting the given practices:

1.      Regular Meetings

Hold regular meetings to discuss the issues and discuss the progress of the project to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If there is any issue or challenge the team is facing, it can be identified and addressed in the meetings.


2.      Strict Deadlines

Set realistic deadlines to ensure that the project timeline is followed. This will enable you to identify any delays and, thus, make sure that the project is delivered on time.

3.      Establish Communication Guidelines

Good communication is essential for the success of the project. Thus, it is important to decide upon a communication method. So, you need to decide upon what platform will be used for communication and how will the availability of each person be ensured.


The Agile approach to software development is highly effective and convenient for all stakeholders. Therefore, the top custom software development companies use the Agile method for software development to ensure high productivity of the development team and to ensure the success of the app development project.

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