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Business owners are often confused between purchasing a white label app or getting a customized app developed. No doubt, custom software development is a longer process because it requires you to build an app from scratch. Naturally businesses are inclined towards white label apps that are already developed apps, ready for businesses to purchase.

To help you figure out which option is better for your business, here are some prominent differences between custom apps and white label apps:


A custom app has to be:

  • Planned – based on your market research, budget, timeline, and business model, you plan your app and decide upon the services and features your software would provide
  • Designed – App design is a technical process. UI/UX designers design the app ensuring software’s functionality, attractiveness, and performance.
  • Developed – Front-end and back-end developers work on coding the software
  • Tested – The app is tested to ensure it is well-performing, functional, and does not crash
  • Maintained – Issues may come up as user traffic increases, or you may want to update certain features of your app. So, you need to constantly monitor and maintain your app.

You are required to hire people for each of the custom software development processes. Or you can simply hire a reliable app development company to handle the each of these processes for you.

On the other hand, white label apps are developed for the purpose of selling. All you need to do is get the app rebranded. Then you can launch the app.

2. TIME:

Developing a customized software is obviously a lot more time consuming than buying a white label app.


Through custom software development, you can include all the features you believe are essential for your business and eliminate all the useless features. You don’t have this option when using a white label app.

As a result, the functionality of customized software is remarkably better than a white label software. Limited features may also negatively impact the service quality and thereby, customer satisfaction.


Since a custom-made software allows you to incorporate features and option as per your business needs, these apps have a greater room for personalization. Through personalized software development, you can build an exclusive app that enables to build a distinct brand identity. On the contrary, white apps can barely be personalized.

Research has proven that personalization helps improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

5. COST:

Developing software from scratch needs a proper team of designers, testers, and coders. It is also more time consuming. Accordingly, the cost of custom app development is a lot more than the cost of purchasing a white label app for your business.


If you want to ensure that your data and your customers’ data remains protected, you must invest in a customized app. You can decide whatever security protocols you want to incorporate in your app. Moreover, you can monitor who gets access to the data, avoiding any sort of breaches.

In contrast, the data in your white label app can be accessed by the developers of the app, and you won’t be able to monitor who gets access to the app data.

To learn more about security concerns read this research paper on security and trust in E-businesses.


The developers of white label handle maintenance of the app. While as the owner of the app, it is your responsibility to maintain your app. However, you may hire an app maintenance service or app development service that handles the maintenance responsibility as well. But that would be costlier than the maintenance of a purchased software.

Nonetheless being the owner of the app would prevent you from relying on any external party for updates and maintenance. You can reach out your development service for updates and modification whenever you feel the need.


When you are investing in any software, you need to keep in mind the scalability prospects of your application. How do you plan to expand your business? Do you plan to introduce more service and features in your app? Because, if you plan to grow your business you should go for custom software development. White label software cannot be as scalable.


You would have no control over the quality of the source code when purchasing an app. However, you can guide a custom app developer regarding quality standards you would like your app to follow. Thus, you can ensure:

  • Better performance of the app
  • Better security
  • Better customer experience



  • You have a limited budget
  • You are short on time
  • You don’t have enough budget for app maintenance
  • Your business model does not deal with any sort of confidential information


  • You can afford the development process
  • You have enough time to wait until the app gets developed
  • Your plan includes scaling the business
  • Security of your app data is vital for you
  • Your business model is unique and requires certain unique features.

Overall, a custom app is a better option for you if you have enough resources. Though it requires more investment, it is a long-term investment because you can update and modify the app as per the needs of your business. It allows you to build your unique brand image, offer personalized experience to the users, and grow your business. As far as the long process of app development is concerned, you can hire a software development service to make the process more convenient for you.

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