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  • September 24, 2021
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Learning new languages is one of the best way to have a sneak peek into other cultures. While some people just learn new languages for fun, some are obligated to do it as a mandatory academic course. Either ways, being able to speak more than one language is impressive.

Many people look for easier, effective and convenient ways to learn new languages, they usually turn towards mobile applications for optimal solutions. There are several language applications that are successful and have thousands of online students.

This article is going to about what are the key things to consider if you’re planning to develop a language learning app, its process and some top of the list applications as examples.

Key Factors to Consider While Creating a Language Learning App

Most of the time, the students who are just learning a language for fun (not as a compulsory or mandatory course on which their future depends) ends up leaving the language course half way through. The retention rate of the application is low because these ‘for fun’ students either get bored, or the language course seems too difficult for their abilities. Most of the time, there is no human interaction to ask any queries that may arise over time. The listed down below key factors must be taken into account before you plan to develop your app.

  • The two-way communication is important

Since the users are learning something that’s completed new to them, they are bound to have a lot of questions and queries. The user feedback option is necessary here. You should provide an in-app chat box for easy communication regarding the course and a review or feedback option in regards for functionality or app, on platform from where your application can be downloaded from (Google PlayStore/App Store). You must avoid links and other manipulative pop-up windows that are annoying.

  • Learning resources

Your application must be equipped with language courses that are reliable and correct. This is an important thing to remember. you also need to balance the amount of information that you’re going to disseminate on various stages of your course. If you give too much in the beginning levels, it may cause the pupil to lose interest. While maintaining the quality of your lessons, carefully manage the course outline.

  • Achievements

Many users opt for a language learning app because they don’t have enough time to attend an actual institute or proper physical classes. Your key focus must be to make your users learn the most basic and everyday lingo for any language. After every lesson, you should have a little test that your user must pass before upgrading to new levels. These little achievements are encouraging and increase user interest to come back more often to learn.

  • In-app student community

You can have a chatroom for all your students learning the same language to communicate and discuss their own experiences. You can also provide your students with live streaming option for better intercommunication and it will also help them with their speaking skills. Most of the time when users learn new language, they have great writing, reading and recognition skills but the lack of speaking confidence becomes a hindrance. To minimize that, live stream can be a great help.

  • Correct Accent pronunciation

It is necessary to provide correct pronunciation of words to achieve the correct accent. Providing sounds and verbal tools to help users learn the words by listening come handy. This is also a cool way to manage the dry text and keeping things entertaining.

How to develop your app?

For the development process, you have a lot of choices available. You can hire the best mobile app development companies locally or off-shore. Some other aspects that you need for the development process of your app are

  • Hire professional language teachers (preferably native speakers) for your course creation.
  • Work with professional designers and illustrators on your mobile application’s user interface. Vivid and bright illustrations are impactful on mind and easy to memorize.
  • Creating your application in a modular architecture will help your budget from exhausting with frequent updates.

Top 3 language applications


It is one of the most popular, widely used and free language learning application that you can easily find on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is extremely simple to use, with vivid illustrations and accessibility. Duolingo allows the users to learn the most common and widely spoken languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and lots more.


This application is great for offline learning. Although it is not as popular as Duolingo, but it still has a considerable fan base, and that is because of the fact that you can learn over 150 languages through Memrise. The visual learning through different pictures is great. It is also a cross platform application.


To access this application, one must register into an account. you can choose the difficulty for your desired language, ranging to 10 different levels. The courses are updated time to time according to the new grammar rules and words.


This application is for iOS platforms. Users can avail courses in 20 different languages. You can also study while offline. This application also uses voice questionnaires, visual aids and repetition method to make the users memorize new words.


If you’re planning to create your own language app, then above mentioned considerations are going to help you in many ways.

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