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  • August 24, 2022
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  • Samantha Jones

Data-driven decision-making helps accelerate overall growth and conversions, according to 91% of business leaders. But only 57% of companies can use data to make business decisions. It clearly shows that growing companies are not leveraging user data to grow their business. However, with data-centric business intelligence software solutions and tools, organizations can easily leverage data to understand user behavior and evolving consumer needs and determine the scope for further expansion. Our company is expert in custom software development services, get to know more about our work by contacting us.

According to Statista, business intelligence software will grow 30.6% by 2025, so merchants must take advantage of its potential benefits. If you want to know how to harness business intelligence, stay tuned.

What is meant by business intelligence?

Essentially, business intelligence takes user insights and data and transforms them into detailed business insights that help merchants understand user behavior and consumer needs. Reliable business intelligence software allows you to efficiently collect and analyze data sets in the form of automatically generated summaries, reports, and graphs. Consistent use of business intelligence software enables users to achieve their company’s most important goals efficiently. 

Benefits of consolidating business intelligence software

Business intelligence software offers comprehensive benefits for businesses of all sizes. With the help of business intelligence, companies can easily overcome their biggest obstacles and achieve higher ROI. Below is a list of key benefits of adapting to business intelligence software.

Robust reporting: 

With business intelligence software, employees can easily gain data-driven insights on key performance indicators and use them to plan further business expansion. Not only does this make the reporting process more detailed, but it also helps employees set realistic and achievable business goals.

Detailed business insights: 

Business intelligence software uses your data to provide insights into your brand experience. It allows you to differentiate and identify successful business functions and gain insight into operations and workflows that need further improvement.

Improved user involvement: 

Business intelligence software can easily track user behavior, interaction patterns, and habits. It gives you real-time insight into how effectively consumers engage with your brand. These insights can be further leveraged to improve user experience and increase conversions.

Scope of further expansion: 

With data-driven insights from your business intelligence software, you can easily see the scope of further enhancements and implement them with your trusted development agency to unlock untapped innovation potential.

Improved operational efficiency: 

BI tools and software can also help businesses increase overall efficiency by effectively providing automated reporting on the performance of their digital solutions. It will improve general business operations in the long run.

Find the best BI tools for your dream business:  

Business intelligence tools offer a variety of features depending on your company’s unique needs. However, if you don’t know the type of BI software and your immediate needs, finding the right tool for your business needs can be difficult. Below is a list of adaptable business intelligence software.

Data mining software: 

Data mining software helps companies use raw user data to visualize and generate actionable business insights.

Online analytical processing BI software: 

His BI software for online analytical processing enables companies to discover datasets and perform multidimensional data analysis efficiently.

OLAP BI software enables companies to analyze complex data sets easily, view automated data reports, and predict business goals and performance.

Data warehouse software: 

Data warehouse software enables companies to collect data from various related resources to generate reliable business insights. It allows businesses to integrate disparate data sources and visualize data in dashboards and reports.

Business performance management BI tools: 

Business performance management is a BI-based tool that helps organizations identify and achieve business goals using data-driven insights. Integrating tools help you focus on the right KPIs and uncover key insights. We can conclude that BI software can help companies gain better insights and achieve their business goals. However, when investing in BI software, it’s important to list your current and potential business needs and find solutions that address them.

How can a brand integrate its BI into its business?

From the above description, by integrating BI tools, companies can overcome major business obstacles and achieve higher conversions can be easily concluded. Achieving this, however, requires a well-planned integration strategy. Below is a step-by-step guide that you can use for seamless BI software integration.

Create a BI integration strategy. 

Before you start researching different BI software, you need to make sure what you’re looking for fits your business needs. So make a list of business goals you want to achieve with BI, along with an initial budget and timeframe available to find the right solution.

Identify your KPIs:

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help companies track progress quantitatively. So, once you have a clear picture of your business needs and have a strategy in place, set some of his industry-relevant KPIs that can be tracked using BI software to monitor and identify areas for growth.

Build your BI integration team. 

Integrating BI into your digital solutions requires building a trusted technical team. Once your strategy is in place, you can outsource your software development company to build and integrate your BI solution efficiently.


Business intelligence can help organizations overcome their biggest obstacles and dramatically improve the user experience. Gain data-driven insights that help you efficiently achieve your long-term business goals with the help of trusted BI tools available at custom software development services.

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