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App design is one of the most important aspects of app development. It is a vital determinant of app determinant. Your app design is what your user will interact with. Negligence towards the app design can have extremely adverse consequences on the quality and performance of your application. In fact, redesigning and redeveloping the software would also be expensive. Therefore, you need to make sure your app design is robust.

The perk of hiring the best mobile app development company is that they know what app design would fit your software and business model. In contrast, many ordinary developers repeat the same old mistakes in app design.

You should be aware of these common mistakes and know how to avoid them. However, we jump into these common mistakes, and you need to understand what an app design really is.


App design is the combination of UI (User Interface) and UX (user experience) design of the software. UI focuses on the visual aspects of your applications, including the color palette, content, feature buttons, and general look. On the other hand, UX focuses on the overall feel of the software; this includes the responsiveness and usability of the application.

A good design may have the following features:

  • Consistent color palette with optimum contrast.
  • Subtle and minimalistic, yet possessing the essential features and text
  • Readable font and comprehendible language
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Responsive

You should hire the best mobile app development company to develop such a design for your software, and thus, enable the development of a well-performing application.


Here is a list of the most common application design mistakes to help you learn and avoid these mistakes:

  1. Neglect Compatibility

No matter how amazing your software design is, if it is not compatible with the user’s device or screen, the user experience will get negatively affected. Many developers don’t check the compatibility of the design with different screen sizes, orientations, and modes.

Checking the compatibility is particularly significant for android applications because the range of android devices is vast, and your app needs to be compatible with all of these devices.

  1. Complex Navigation

Using an intricate composition of the app is never a good idea. Look at it from a user point of view; what would you prefer using? An app that is straightforward and convenient, or the one where you’ll have to navigate your way through multiple screens to complete the desired task?

Users want convenience and ease. So, don’t complicate your software unnecessarily. Keep it simple, making it easier for your users to complete the action. This will also boost conversion rates.

  1. Using the Cliché Designs

Certain app designs are very successful so developers just keep copying the same design. All they do is slightly change the interface and the color scheme, and they reuse the same design. This is not recommended at all.

While you are encouraged to take inspiration from successful app designs, you need to be creative and come up with unique designs. This will help you build an app that’s extraordinary and ahead of other apps that keep copying the same cliché designs.

  1. Inconsistent Design

The app needs to have a consistent pattern; several screens within the application must follow the same pattern, font, color scheme, etc. In fact, the color scheme and the fonts should be derived from the brand’s existing logo and other touchpoints. Nonetheless, many people ignore the need for consistent designs. For example, a well-established clothing brand would launch an app that would not resonate with the brand at all. Due to this mistake, you have to invest again in the process of assuring people and developing their trust.

Moreover, your software should also be consistent with the layout of other apps on the operating system. Operating systems have certain standards that they expect the applications to follow. Especially if you look at any iOS application, you’ll notice that certain aspects of all iOS applications are similar. This makes the apps intuitive and thereby, the user naturally feels more familiar with the app and has a smoother experience of using the application.

  1. Incorporating too Many Features

Don’t make the mistake of trying to add too many features. This would only clutter your app, and your app visitors will get overwhelmed. In addition, too many features would also increase your app size and negatively impact the performance of the software. Consequently, add only the important and essential features.

  1. Lack of Collaboration

You, your designers, and your developers need to stay in touch and collaborate. Here is why you must collaborate:

  • Explain your requirements to the development team and make sure they understand them.
  • Express concerns and provide feedback
  • Developers and designers need to communicate to ensure the practical application of the design – the designer may come up with a prototype that is not applicable, so a developer would help the designer out in that case.

The advantage offered by the best mobile app development company is that they have a strong communication mechanism, allowing you to communicate with them conveniently. In addition, they also have a team of designers and developers that have experience collaborating on projects.

  1. Testing

Inadequate testing of the prototype before approving it may save a lot of time initially, but you’ll have to pay a heavy price for it in the long run. So make sure that the application’s prototype is tested. Test to ensure the following:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Attractive
  • Usable and pragmatic

A/B testing is a good way of testing the app; you compare and contrast your top designs to choose the best one. You can use flutter to test the prototype over various devices and screens.


To develop an outstanding design for your software, try to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. You should hire the best mobile app development company to do the task for you because this company will be equipped with the resources and skills you would need to design and develop the application.

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