future of mobile app development

The Future of Mobile App Development

  • October 13, 2021
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  • Samantha Jones


Companies and big shot businesses are always in a search for latest technologies to stay one step ahead of their competitors, same is the industry of mobile app development. When several industries faced a set-back, some industries like mobile app development bloomed. Covid-19 pandemic had rather a good impact on this industry and here’s why.

Once everything was down and shut, people had nowhere else to go, but to stay online and utilize that virtual space to fill-in their boredom. As the number of people download various applications increased, so did the demand of app development. Android and iOS mobile app development in New York are on its full-swing since then.

Flocks of people are ready to invest their money on building applications that are unique, provide value and offer people to stay connected with the latest technologies. It is high time that we discuss and anticipate the future of this blooming industry, and where it is likely to go in the upcoming years. In this article, we will share the top trending technologies that are going to heavily influence the mobile app development in the future.

Top trending mobile app development trends

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

As the name suggests, internet of things is a technology which was first surfaced by Kevin Ashton, back in 1999. It was his idea to connect the physical things to the world of internet. By the time of 2008 or 2009, it actually began to happen where objects were more interconnected with internet than humans.

The integration of this technologies in the mobile application simply means that you can give verbal or written instructions to your smartphone about the physical objects in your room to operate. For instance, you can ask your app to turn on or off your air conditioning, fan, television and such.

Many companies and apps have already started using this technology in their mobile apps, and many are on their way to adopt this futuristic technology. A study done by Statista shows the result that by the year 2025, Internet of Things will be installed in about more than 1 Billion devices.

IoT app development

  • Artificial Intelligence

You’d be surprised to know that Artificial intelligence isn’t something as new or modern as we think it is. It was first coined in 1956 by computer science pioneer, John McCarthy. Then later, the actual theoretical and substantial work in this field to make it what it is today was continued by computer pioneer Alan Mathison Turing.

So what we use now a day so easily and enjoy the best of the benefits in tech world, the credit goes to the pioneers of the past of course. AI has proven itself as a revolutionary invention for not just technological world, but other sectors of life too. Be it marketing, advertisement, of mobile app development, AI is always there to help you, via your smartphone.

AI in the mobile app development help people do tasks with minimum human or physical interaction. It must have occurred with you by now that you talked about a product in front of your phone and then you start seeing its advertisement on your social media or other platforms. Other than that, mobile apps with predictive texts, route suggestions on maps, voice search, email filters, voice assistances all of these features are the examples of AI and how much it controls our daily life now. Artificial intelligence uses it algorithm to help you before you even ask for it.

  • Wearable devices

Another great technological marvel which was given to us via customizable software development is the use of wearable gadgets. Long gone are the times when wrist watches were online worn to look at the time. Now, smart watches by Brands like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit etc. are making sure you get all the most important information that you need, anytime, anywhere (without having to look at your phone).

Wearable devices can range from being for fashion, fitness, hobbies, healthcare or sports. All wearables gadgets are connected with a mobile app from where it can get started. Once settled, these wearables are responsible to keep a track on your health like blood pressure, pulse rate, calorie burn, daily step count and more.


The above mentioned top three app technologies are all set to continue their rule in the mobile application development industry and we hope to see new innovations coming up as well.

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