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Health and fitness sector is rising as people are getting more conscious about their appearance and health. Consequently, applications focused on improving health are gaining a lot of popularity due to the wide range of benefits and convenience that they offer. Investing in iOS apps that help people take care of themselves is a good opportunity. There are many health and fitness applications, but a few of these applications stand out due to their exceptional service and quality. These exceptional applications depict the intricate work of the best iOS app development company.

Here is a list of the top health and fitness iOS applications that shall serve as an inspiration for you.


This is a software that tracks sleep, one of the most import important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. This app is compatible with iPhone and with the wearable Apple smartwatch, making it extremely accessible and convenient.

This software offers more than you can imagine. Here are some of the most prominent features of this application:

  • Track hours of sleep
  • Mood patterns
  • Daily Routine

Using data, the application enables the user to establish a stable sleeping routine. Here is how it works:

  • It tracks the motions of an individual during sleep
  • Takes notes of any noises made while one is asleep.

This data is analyzed to deduce sleep quality, thus helping you improve your sleeping patterns and improve your quality of sleep. As a result, your lifestyle improves.


Though this software is free, it includes in-app purchases in the form of subscriptions. This is their pricing model:

  1. Pillow Premium – Annual$39.99
  2. Pillow Premium – Monthly$6.99
  3. Pillow Premium – Legacy$249.99
  4. Pillow Premium – Quarterly$19.99
  5. Pillow Premium – Annual$39.99


A unique app that motivates users to get healthier through some not-very-nice reminders and some inspirational reminders. This is what the app does; it uses some rude, ridiculous, inspirational, sarcastic, and motivational comments to encourage people to work out and focus on their health. It uses artificial intelligence to develop a personalized experience for each user. It even offers interesting rewards to users that achieve certain goals.

This app is particularly useful for people that need a little push to be able to focus on themselves. It plays with an individual’s mind to make them feel more focused on certain goals.


Carrot fit is a paid app. You can purchase it for $4.99 from the apple app store. This app also includes an in-app purchase option of an exercise booster pack that costs around $1.99.


Your virtual training partner, Nike Training Club, is an exceptionally executed application depicting the meticulous work of one of the best iOS app development companies.

This app is a pretty much all-inclusive application that takes care of the user’s physical fitness by offering them the following features:

  • Goal-setting tools
  • Up-to-date, informative content
  • Workout filters for different muscles
  • Guidance from trainers, experts, and even athletes
  • Guidance and help regarding wellness and nutrition

This application is also available over the apple wearable watch which makes it even more accessible and useful for the user.


This amazing app offers all of these amazing features for free!

Through this app:

  • Nike extracts user information to develop an appropriate pricing strategy
  • Markets their products, improving the reach of their brand, thus improving brand awareness
  • The brand gets a competitive advantage over its competitors


These apps are truly inspirational. The model of these apps is unique and inspiring. Here is what you can learn from the top three iOS fitness and health apps:


You need to come up with innovative ideas to develop an application that is truly special and unique. Look at all the aforementioned applications. They offer exclusive and special features that make them superior to ordinary apps.

The best iOS app development company can help you incorporate latest technologies to develop an innovative application that is highly functional for the users.

·         UTILIZE DATA

The data provided by the user is an asset if utilized properly. Through this data, you can extract vital information regarding the expectations, motivations, and interests of the user, thus, offering them the most suitable suggestions and recommendations.


Make sure your app is not just special in terms of being unique and different; it should also offer high functionality. This means that applications should be incredibly useful and should add some sort of value to the life of the user.

·         UI/UX DESIGN

The apps perform well because they are simple and functional. All the features that they offer are evident and accessible. The whole experience of using these apps is beyond amazing and totally hassle-free.

Developing an app for iOS is complex that needs to be carried out very carefully, especially when you are developing a fitness and health application. This is because such apps address a very major struggle of the user; it is incredibly important for such apps to be easy to use. They need to offer a supportive platform for the users.

Therefore, developing such an application calls for the best iOS app development company. They would have the skills and proficiency required to develop such amazing apps. Hiring the best development service means that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of app development. From designing to testing and launching, they will manage it all. In fact, they will also maintain the standards of the application post-launch.

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