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The Challenges

Since, there is fierce competition in the property finder app industry. Therefore, we wanted to build an app that stands out from the rest. We were under constant pressure to create an innovative app that people actually want and pull something out of it. By delving deeper, we figured out how we can make users engaged for longer and finally came up with a one-stop solution.

User Experience

Cruze4cash is a feature-rich property finder app, where it offers users a platform to pull properties and owner information instantly and enables motivated sellers to reach out to them in no time and in a hassle-free way ensuring a pleasant user-experience.


With minimal design elements and colors, the app brings simplicity and looks visually appealing to the eyes. It’s additional functionalities not only enhance the user-experience but also create a connection between a brand and the visitor and establishes a favorable brand image.


Color palette, typography,Font size Etc....

Visuals# 1eaf62

Fonts# 000000

Fonts# 0bd769


Poppins Bold



Poppins Semibold



Poppins Regular



Poppins Light



Font Size Hierarchy

H1 - Poppins Bold (36 px)

H2 - Poppins Semi Bold (28 px)

H3 - Poppins Medium (24 px)

H4 - Poppins Regular (20 px)

Secure Login

Most users are security concerned and their mobiles are already jam-packed with fingerprint recognition and patterns etc. With a simplistic login design, Cruze4cash lets user login through their user id and helps them find exactly what they need keeping their privacy in mind.

Navigate To Property

It’s highly efficient navigation system guides users directly to the app functions and allows them to quickly look for the information they are searching for. Moreover, the app is designed in a way that it gives a smooth browsing experience.

Find Detailed Property

Cruze4cash not only allows users to find whether the property is vacant or occupied but also provides the access to detailed information about the property the user might need on the go. The user can easily track down the details within a short span of time.


Hunting for properties can be a tiring job! Cruze4cash is an app that helps you find the perfect property and quickens up your reach to the largest and most active buyers, landlords and sellers without a hitch.