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EzGrocery2 Mobile Screen

How It Works

EzGrocery2 Mobile Screen

Customer App and Admin App

EzGrocery2 Mobile Screen
EzGrocery2 Mobile Screen

Customer App

Looking after multiple household work could be pretty tiring, thus advanced technologies like these bring such a relief. EZ grocery is a grocery app featuring an extensive range of product categories and allowing users to shop for all their household needs without any hassle. It enables people to choose various products from a variety of their preferred stores on a single platform.

Admin App

The app contains an admin panel for store proprietors to receive and handle orders effectively and help them strengthen their business. The admin can login into the panel by providing the email details. He can view order details and get notified when a new order comes in. In a nutshell, it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to launch a product delivery app business.

App Design

The app has been designed keeping in mind that the visitors can effortlessly browse through the relevant category and easily choose the product they are looking for. Tapping and holding the product to see the additional information in this app is pretty handy for the users and the app also provides them a simple way to add on items to their shopping cart. With its aesthetics features and multiple useful functionalities, Ez grocery delivers a smooth and seamless user experience.







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Fonts have a pivotal impact on an app’s user-experience. Ez Grocery app is designed in a way that it focuses on matching fonts and the UX so that the visitors do not face any difficulty while going through the content. We have selected good fonts that allow users to read the information provided in the app more comfortably. With correct fonts used in the app, the content effectively conveys the idea and carries out the real communication between the brand and the users.

other selient features of ezgrocery

  • Featured Icon Sleftp orts Large Inventory
  • Featured Icon Comments On Order
  • Featured Icon Zopim Chat Integration
  • Featured Icon QR Code Scanner
  • Featured Icon Delivery Timeslot
  • Featured Icon Rewards/Loyality Points
  • Featured Icon Social Media Interaction
  • Featured Icon Gifts Wrapping Option
  • Featured Icon Discount Colefto ns
  • Featured Icon Multi channel Comunications
  • Featured Icon Real Time Synchorization
  • Featured Icon Compatible Payment Gateways
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the Result

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